01942 233323

01942 233323

Care Act Advocacy

What is Care Act Advocacy?

Care Act Advocacy supports people to understand their rights under the Care Act and to be fully involved in a local authority assessment, care review, care and support planning or safeguarding process.

Who can be supported under the Care Act?

To to access support from an advocate under the Care Act a person has to fall under ALL THREE of the below criteria:

 Social care needs assessment, carers assessment, care planning, care review or S42 safeguarding investigation

Substantial difficulty can mean people have difficulty:

  • understanding relevant information
  • remembering information
  • using information to help them be involved in making decisions
  • communicating their views, wishes and feelings

Someone NOT appropriate could be people who are:

  • already providing care or treatment to the person in a professional capacity or on a paid basis
  • someone the person does not want to support them
  • someone who is unlikely to be able to, or available to, adequately support the person’s involvement
  • someone implicated in an enquiry into abuse or neglect or who has been judged by a safeguarding adult review to have failed to prevent abuse or neglect.

To access Care Act Advocacy at Embrace you need to be a resident of Wigan Borough. All local authorities will have an appointed independent advocacy service in their area.

If you are unsure if you can access Care Act Advocacy with Embrace please give us a call on: 01942 233323

“The advocate, helped to make the client feel comfortable at meetings and at court hearings.  I don’t think the client would have been able to engage in the proceedings without their help” (Barrister, 2019).
“The service is invaluable in providing my client not only with support and assistance when needed but ensuring his understanding of matters, confirming he has understood my advice and the reasons behind it.” (Solicitor, 2021)
“Thank you for all your help and support when I needed it most. I appreciate all the help as I become anxious when I am in a room full of people. The service is ‘belting'” (beneficiary, 2020)
“I believe that Embrace Wigan and Leigh provide a high-quality service based on the principles of independent advocacy.” (Advocacy quality mark, 2020. 
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Supported by Wigan Council

Wigan Council support this project to provide Care Act Advocacy for adults in the Wigan Borough.

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