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Our Current Staff Vacancies

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I have worked for Embrace for almost 2 years now and as a full-time carer for my daughter I was anxious about the flexibility of the role and whether I would be able to fit in her hospital appointments for example. I need not have worried, as I have been able to manage this well through the flexible working policy which is in place. As you would expect there is a mutual understanding in the workplace of the changing needs of individual’s personal circumstances and the need for adaptability. The staff are supportive and caring and there is a genuine ‘Team’ ethos which comes across immediately. If anyone has any personal or work-related issues, then there is always a listening ear and the potential for a solution or a change. I also feel privileged to be working with so many lovely families and find this an enriching experience which has had an impact on my own outlook.

Being a carer also has its advantages in my role with Children’s Services. I have an empathy and understanding for the issues and concerns that families are going through as well as having first-hand experience of autism. I am able to relate to many of the situations which parent’s/carer’s find themselves in and this is most definitely an advantage for all concerned


Valarie Harrison – 2021















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Our Guaranteed Interview Scheme

What does the scheme offer? 

The aim of the Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS) is to provide disabled applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities beyond the initial application stage. All disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for the job and request on their application to be considered under the GSI will be offered an interview. 


By ‘minimum criteria’ we mean that you must provide us with evidence in your application form which demonstrates that you meet the essential criteria required for the role, including meeting any of the qualifications, skills or experience defined as essential (these can be found in the Person Specification, within the Job Description document).


Who is eligible for the scheme? 


To be eligible for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme you must be considered as disabled under the Equality Act 2010. This means you must have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.   


I’ve been working for Embrace for nearly three years and from the very beginning the understanding and support I have been given in relation to my own needs has been perfect.

I experience difficulties most days mainly around symptoms associated with my ADHD, but also in terms of situations that have an Impact on the severity of those symptoms – such as sensory issues, organisational difficulties and problems with short term memory.

I have felt supported by Embrace at all times, from my initial interview and induction through to my application for Access To Work, ongoing supervisions and accommodations that help ensure my needs are not only met but my individuality valued.

Andy Sampson 2021

The support and flexibility at Embrace is great and really enables me to perform to my full capacity. I have a back injury and have a herniated disc, which means my nerves frequently become compressed or ‘trapped’. When this flares up it can be extremely painful and becomes difficult for me to concentrate on work, and driving can aggravate the injury. Also, I live in Manchester, therefore my commute is quite lengthy.
Embrace are very supportive of my situation and not only provide flexibility around balancing work with medical appointments, but are also supportive with flare ups. For example, on days when my pain is extreme, I am able to work from home in order to avoid sitting in a car feeling uncomfortable for my commute. I also have a flexible working contract in place which allows me to do a ‘9 day fortnight’, meaning I condense 10 days of working hours into 9 days, and have every other Monday off.
Being supported by my employer to look after my health and wellbeing means I can perform my job role to the best of my ability and support as many people as possible, without becoming burnt out or negatively impacting my physical health.
Nicole Robertson 2021
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