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Embrace Mediation and Disagreement Resolution is a free-of-charge service for parents/carers and young people (who may have or have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities) from ages 0 to 25 years. We arrange mediation with families who intend to challenge the Local Authority’s decision about an Education, Health and Care Plan. 

There are several reasons why a family/young person have mediation, and these are:
  • Refusal to secure an Education Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment   
  • Refusal to issue an EHC plan following a EHC needs assessment
  • Disagree with the description in the EHC plan   
  • Disagree with the school named on the EHC plan
  • Refusal to re-assess under section 44   
  • Refusal to amend an EHC plan following an annual review or re-assessment  
  • To cease to maintain an EHC plan 
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Mediation can be a less formal way to resolve disagreements than going to tribunal, saving time and pressure for all involved. However, families who are not happy with the outcome of mediation can still appeal to the tribunal. You have two months from the decision letter to lodge the appeal with the tribunal or one month from your mediation certificate. 

When considering going to tribunal, a discussion with us can help you decide whether mediation is a suitable way to move forward. If you choose to go ahead with mediation, we will arrange this at a time and date that best suits you. This will be arranged within 30 days of you notifying us.   

If you do not wish to participate in mediation, you can obtain a certificate from us (by calling us on 01942 233323), and this will be issued within three working days of informing us of your decision. You can then send this certificate to the tribunal.  

In most circumstances, parents and young people must contact us before appealing to the First-Tier Tribunal – Special Educational Needs and Disability to consider mediation

If you would like to access mediation click the button below:

If you are unable to complete the form please call us on: 01942 233323.

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Wigan Council support this project to provide SENDIASS for Families of Children with disabilities aged 0 to 25.

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