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Wigan and Leigh young Carers

I had the pleasure of facilitating a circle for a group of young people who have caring responsibilities for either their parents or siblings.

Wigan and Leigh young Carers provide these young people with a break from their caring responsibilities and organise activities that will help them to get to know and make friends with people of their own age and create natural support mechanisms to help them cope with their responsibilities.
Last night’s circle started with the obligatory pizza – enjoyed by all as usual!

We then had a quick ice-breaker – which team could build the highest shoe tower, The more “serious” part of the session was to look at the activities list they had created previously and using a priority matrix, discuss the cost versus complexity of each to produce an activity schedule for the next 12 months. The young people undertook this exercise themselves, deciding which events were more popular than others and agreeing what time of year they would look to do what.

As many involved a considerable cost, the group also discussed fundraising ideas and are looking into the logistics of undertaking the gruelling Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge with a schedule to undertake the required training to get in shape.

It was a pleasure to watch this group of young people taking ownership to arrange their own events and to understand the need to cover the cost and the organisational challenges that are thrown up.

Looking forward to the next session in a couple of months to find out what they have been up to.


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