01942 233323

01942 233323

Become a Personal Assistant

Embrace are funded by Wigan Council to match Personal Assistants together with adults and children.

A PA (Personal is someone who is usually employed directly by a person who needs support (or a family member) to live their life in a way they choose and works directly with the individual they are supporting.

PAs don’t necessarily need to have any previous experience or qualifications; what is important is having the right values because the IE will on their PA for support. A PA is likely to be involved in many aspects of their employer’s life and may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work.

The opportunity to directly focus on the needs of an individual and the diversity of the role and tasks is what often attracts many people to this type of work. 

Embrace are funded by Wigan Council to support people in Wigan and Leigh to recruit a PA.

Embrace have free places to support new and existing personal assistants in their roles as part of a national Skills for Care grant.

What makes a good Pa

Being a Personal Assistant is a varied and exciting role and the rewards of supporting individuals to live a full life are huge.

Embrace is committed to support Direct Payment and Personal Budget recipients recruit and retain the very best staff possible.

Telephone: 01942 233323
email: pas@embracewiganandleigh.org.uk

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Supported by Wigan Council

Wigan Council support this project to provide help for children and adults looking for a personal assistant.