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What is a Personal Assistant? 

A personal assistant is employed by someone who requires care and support to lead the life they want to. The care and support needed, varies from person to person, therefore, no two PA roles are the same. The vacancies we advertise range from, supporting a young person to access the community, assisting an adult to manage day-to-day tasks and helping an older person with their personal care needs.  

The difference between being a PA, and other roles within the care sector, is that you will be employed directly by the person you are supporting, or someone close to them like a family member. This can help create a strong relationship and result in truly person centred support. You may be supporting the person in their own home, education setting or place of work. 

What makes a good Pa

Did you know that there are lots of exciting training opportunities for personal assistants? 

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You can be a personal assistant all over Greater Manchester. If you want to find roles outside of Wigan borough click here: 

What qualifications do I need?

PAs are employed directly by the person who needs support, or someone close to them like a family member. Therefore, the qualifications required vary from role to role. This may be health and social care qualifications, knowledge of medical tasks or experience working with people with a specific condition. In most cases, previous experience or qualifications are not necessary. What is important is having the right values, this may be being creative, a good listener, flexible, willingness to learn or caring.

What could I earn?

The hourly rate ranges from employer to employer, however, most roles pay minimum wage. Roles which require more specialised care and support may receive a premium rate. Your employer will arrange your pay, tax, national insurance and pension. You should be given an employment contract by your employer and you are entitled to all statutory leave.

Each week we update the roles available link which can be found on this page. We also post new roles on our Facebook page:

If you see a role you like, then complete a registration form below. Once you have registered you can apply for any role we advertise simply by telling us you are interested.

Find out more: 

To learn more, here is a blog from our General Manager Chris

And our Chair Person Joanne

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