Family Support





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Family Support

The key areas we provide support are:

  • Attending meetings; school, social care, health, housing etc…
  • Applying for grants; food parcels, sensory equipment, car seats etc
  • Benefit advice or support; form filling, support to tribunals etc.
  • Linking into community activities; attending with you, sign posting, arranging transport
  • Giving advice on a range of topics; health, social care, education etc
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We provide support to parents/carers of children and young people with additional needs or a disability. Our support is person centred; therefore, it is difficult to describe what we do, as this will be different for each family we support. To try to bring this to life we would love for you to read a case study of a family we have supported:

We received a referral for Malla (aged 7 months) due to her profound and multiple learning disabilities. Malla had recently arrived in the UK, and her father Afran was providing all of her care. Afran’s wife had been unable to acquire a visa, however had felt that her daughter’s condition required more specialist support than what was available in her home country. When we first met Malla she appeared extremely distressed and was crying uncontrollably. Afran, who was rocking Malla back and forth in his arms, explained he had taken her to A&E but was told she was fine. The family home was bare, with little furniture, no cot, covers or children’s toys and the fridge was empty except for baby milk.

Our fieldworker began by making a referral to all the professionals required to support Afran and Malla. This included social care, the GP, OT, Physio, SALT, Portage, Specialist Health Visitor, Early Years and Child Care services. Due to our strong relationship with local professionals we were able to ensure that she was seen by a paediatrician immediately who admitted Malla into hospital for several tests. Whilst Afran and Malla were in hospital, our team began to source basic items that Malla would require: toys, a cot and covers. With the help and support from our Facebook community, our charity shop New to You and other third sector organisations we were able to source food parcels and all the other items Malla needed. When Malla returned from hospital, where the tests confirmed she has a severe development delay, she was able to feel comfortable in her new cot. The housing conditions remained poor, the family income was still extremely low and Malla still required additional support, but the situation had improved. Our fieldworker therefore began supporting the family to resolve the remaining issues. This required liaising with professionals, working closely with the department of work and pensions, local education providers and our local housing agencies. 

The family’s situation is now radically different from when we first became involved. Malla no longer cries uncontrollably; she now has the most beautiful smile you will ever see. The family live in a new home adapted to meet Malla’s needs for now and in the future, the family are receiving the correct financial support so there is food in the fridge and Malla now attends a local nursery, which she loves. The final touch for the family is that Behar (Mum) has now been granted a visa and is living back with her family.

Advocacy Quality Performance Mark

The only Quality Mark for organisations offering independent advocacy. The Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) is only awarded to organisations who can demonstrate that they provide excellent services in line with QPM standards and the advocacy charter.

The QPM is a quality assurance assessment for providers of independent advocacy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is based on the principles contained in the Advocacy Charter and the Advocacy Code of Practice (this is currently being updated to reflect changes to the charter), enabling providers to demonstrate how they are meeting the different standards.

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