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Behavioural Support





Behaviour Support

Our behaviour support service is designed to improve the lives of children aged 2 – 12 whose day-to-day life is affected by a neurodevelopmental condition. We understand that children with conditions of this nature often find managing their emotions difficult resulting in reduced self-esteem, relationship breakdowns and becoming aggressive with parents and siblings. Our project aims to prevent, reduce or resolve these problems by providing:

Direct One to One Support

We will work alongside children and their families to resolve any behaviours that are causing the low confidence, mood and general stress and anxiety.

Every family we support will receive a personalised service based on their specific situation. We will try to improve the family’s difficulties by offering a range of strategies, tips and techniques. We generally find that families are already implementing many great strategies so we mainly just try to develop what they are already doing.

Parent/Carer Training Courses

Our training provides an overview of the areas that children often experience difficulties, such as change in routine, sleep, managing emotions ect… Our course explores each of these issues in detail and then provides strategies that can be taken away. 

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