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Training for Personal Assistants

Listed below are Wigan Councils Personal Assistant (PA) training events.

How to Book

If you are interested in attending any of the training opportunities listed, please ask your employer to contact the Direct Payments Team on: 01942 489579 or email: 

Core Training

The following training sessions are suitable for all personal assistants and are relevant to your role. 

Infection Prevention and Control

Duration: 30 mins

Work in a person centred way

Duration: 30 mins

Adult Safeguarding Level 1

Duration: 120 mins

Personal Protection Equipment

Duration: 15 mins

Equality and Diversity

Duration: 90 mins

Other Training Opportunities

The following sessions will provide you with additional knowledge that could assist you in your role. Some sessions may not be relevant, speak to your employer to decide what courses will benefit the most. 

Autism Awareness

Duration: 75 mins

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Duration: 60 mins

Dementia Awareness

Duration: 60 mins

Diabetes Awareness

Duration: 90 mins

Falls & Fracture Prevention

Duration: 45 mins

First Aid

Duration: 60 mins

Fluids & Nutrition

Duration: 60 mins

Food Safety & Hygiene Essentials

Duration: 10mins

Food Safety & Hygiene - Level 2

Duration: 150 mins

Medication Awareness

Duration: 90 mins

Mental Health Dementia & Learning Disability

Duration: 90 mins

Parkinson's Disease Awareness

Duration: 60 mins

Privacy & Dignity

Duration: 30 mins

Stroke Awareness

Duration: 60 mins

Recruiting Personal Assistants

For Employers

If you an employer of a personal assistant in the Wigan Borough the video below may be helpful.
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