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More information on what a Direct Payment is and the process involved can be found within this page.

Employing Personal Assistants in health and social care

Many people with health and social care needs would prefer to choose the people they want to support them, rather than relying on a care agency. When a person, or a family member of behalf of a person, with health and care needs employ someone they are regularly called a Personal Assistant (PA). 

How can I employ a Personal Assistant?

Traditionally, health and social care would spend money to commission services to provide care and support for people with health and social care needs. Although this still happens, people can now choose to receive the money directly and organise their own care and support. This is often called a ‘Direct Payment’. One of the things you can do with a Direct Payment is employ PAs. 

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Self funders

Self-Funding: This means that you pay for your own care. You there do not need a social care assessment and can skip these steps. You would still however have to consider how to pay your PAs wages and which insurance service to use. By making a social care referral you can gain assistance with this from the Direct Payments team. It is not worth booking an appointment with our team until your employer insurance and payroll is set-up. For more information on self funding click the button below.

Recruiting Personal Assistants for Employers
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How does this work in Wigan?

If you think you or your son/daughter require support because of your/their health and social care needs, you should ask for a social care assessment. You can do this by calling 01942 828300 for someone under 18, and 01942 828777 for anyone over 18.

A social worker should then complete an assessment of your needs. 

Once the social worker has completed the assessment, they will produce a support plan. The support plan will detail your support needs, and what is required to meet them. At this stage you can request a Direct Payment, so you can arrange your own support.

You will then be referred to the Direct Payments Team. The Direct Payments Team are part of the council. If you want to use your Direct Payment to employ PAs, they will help you set this up.

After they have spoken to you, they will ask you to book an appointment with our Recruitment Team. You can do this here:

Other things to consider

Personal Health Budget: If the social worker feels that your needs are mainly related to a health condition, they may ask you to undergo a Continuing Health Care Assessment. This may mean that health pays for your care, rather than social care.

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