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Travel Training for Adults

Travel training provides practical help and support with travelling by public transport. The individually tailored approach will get to understand the needs and capabilities of each individual, what risks to look out for and the hands-on support an individual will need to travel independently. We will help to give people greater access to jobs, services and social networks. We will empower people to take greater control of their lives, enabling them to learn new skills and take advantage of opportunities in their communities.

Travel Training and the Deal Wigan Council

Accessing public transport allows people to become more independent and assists in helping to overcome challenges, removes barriers and provides greater access to volunteer and employment opportunities. Our training provides practical help by using public transport, on foot or by bicycle, to enable you to live a much more independent life.

Completing our travel training could bring a range of benefits, helping individuals to:

  • Increase their independence and reduce isolation
  • Increase their confidence
  • Access a wider social network
  • Access education or training
  • Improve their access to health care
  • Take a more active role in their community

At Embrace, we are passionate that everyone should have choice and control over their own lives. Enabling individuals to access public transport through our travel training will make this choice a reality, having a positive impact on their day to day lives.

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Helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness and helping people to regain independence, confidence and reconnect to their communities.

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Wigan Council Support this project to help people with additional needs access public transport independently.

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