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Please see some of the events happening in and around the Borough that we have been
asked to promote.

You can also view our Embrace events here.



Whats happening so far
Please click on any of the icons below for events and activities that are happening our Borough. For Embrace Events please click the Our Events button above or here.

Day and Evening Events

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On-going Events

Family Tea at Fur Clemt
Every Thursday
Fur Clemt (The Real Junk Food Project)

Every Thursday Fur Clemt are running the Real Junk Food Pr...
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Greenslate Farm
Day activities for all the family

Greenslate Farm offers educational activities for children and young people of all ages in a fun...
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Autism Friendy Cinema Experience
Second Sunday of every month!
Second Sunday of Every Month at 10:00am with Showcase Cinemas

Soft Lighting
Lowered Volume
No ...
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Do you wish to promote your event?

If you would like Embrace to promote your event then please email us your poster or information to:


We just need the following:

  • Poster or Logo
  • Event Information
  • Contact Details
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Greenslate Farm

8th May 2015

Greenslate Farm info
Moving On - Made the Papers

9th Apr 2015

Moving On - Made the Papers info
Understanding Participation 2015

9th Apr 2015

Understanding Participation 20... info
Understanding Participation

27th Feb 2015

Understanding Participation info
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