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Embrace Design, are part of the Embrace charity that provide not for profit graphics and web design within our community. With over 12 years web and graphic design in our community we have a wealth of knowledge to make your company or charity stand out.


Embrace Design are offering custom designed website and logo specifically for Dog societies, making your ideas come to life.

Do you wish to get your website standing out from the rest? Please give us a call today on:01942 233323.

Our prices are competative and we offer many different packages depending on what your needs are.

See our web products for more information.


bring ideas to light



Does your website need a little bit of TLC? Embrace Design can help repair and re-design your old site into a new, vibrant look!

We create truly bespoke designs to make your site stand out from the crowd and a look that your clients or customers will remember.

create CREATE
Embrace Design is a creative arm of our Charity that produces stunning visual designs for any situation, from posters and flyers to banners, stickers and T Shirts. We can produce new logos, folders, and work WITH you to get the best look possible.
Once we design your website or graphics, our job doesn’t stop there. We continually grow and maintain sites as part of our web design costs to make sure your continually happy with the service you receive.


About Us

Embrace Design have over 12 years of BOTH web and graphics design. We can also create custom templates for use on your existing sites... Ever need a banner creating?

we can create bannersbanner
As a charity we not only provide custom designs and websites for our clients but we also give back to the community. All the profit we make goes directly back into our charity, working with people with disabilities in the Wigan Borough.
why not get a great design and give back to the community
If you would like to know more about where our profit goes an how you help people with disabilities then please give us a call on: 01942 233323.

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