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New Job Opportunity: Child Protection Fieldworker

Closing Date: 19th August 2015

Added Date: 30th Jul 2015

Lead Officer

SALARY:£18,000 - £20,000 (Pro rata based on a 37 hour working week)

HOURS:30 hours per week (part time)

DURATION:Temporary contract end date: 30th June 2016

Deadline: 19th August 2015 at 5:00pm

The primary responsibility for the project is to be a point of contact for disabled parents and their families who are in the child protection arena. You will be dealing with initial enquires and providing a direct service of independent information, advice and advocacy. You will act as a direct link to the family member and both statutory and voluntary services ensuring that the voice of the disabled person is heard and fully included (where appropriate) at all times.

You will also be responsible for networking and building relationships with relevant statutory and voluntary agencies.

Skills and experience for the job:

Experience of advocacy and demonstrable commitment to user empowerment and experience of working with a wide range of pe...

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New Job Opportunity: Child Protection Fieldworker
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Closing Date: 19th August 2015
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