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  Working towards a better life for people with disabilities.

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Embrace Wigan and Leigh is a local user-led organisation which works with a whole variety of people at different stages of their lives. We assist people with any disability of any age to ensure they have a voice to be heard, a life to live and a community that values them.


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Leisure For All Feb Activities 2017

Deadline is 20th February 2017

Added Date: 11th Jan 2017

Leisure for All have planned their activities for the February ½ term 2017, they are listed below. Leisure for All supports children and young people with disabilities aged 3-18yrs inclusive who live within the Wigan Borough (pays Council Tax to Wigan Council). The staff are experienced and trained in supporting children and young people with a wide range of disabilities who want to have fun during non-school time.

Deadline: Friday 20th January 2017

Telephone: Kelly Piper on: 01942 486062
or email k.piper@wigan.gov.uk

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Parent Participation Leaflet
Added Date: 10th Jan 2017

Arthur Supports Embrace
Added Date: 8th Jan 2017
We are so honoured
An end to another great year
Added Date: 3rd Jan 2017
and thanks to everyone that supported us
MIND - Wigan
Added Date: 22nd Dec 2016
- For Better Mental Health
New Job: Independent Support Co-Ordinator
Added Date: 15th Dec 2016
Deadline on: 23rd Jan 17
Lets Connect
Added Date: 15th Dec 2016
David and Darryl talk about their friendship
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