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Moving on Event

Article from CDN Newsletter

Added Date: Yesterday

Moving on Event

Thursday 18th September 2014

Anyone with an interest in services and opportunities for people with disabilities is invited to attend an informal event to find out about what’s available in the borough and meet the people providing the service on Thursday 18th September, from 1:00pm – 5:30pm at the Robin Park Sports Centre, Wigan.

More than 50 groups and organisations which offer a variety of social care support and specialist services for people with a range of disabilities will have information stands at the event, ‘Moving on - through transition and beyond’. This is being organised by Wigan Council, local Mencap, Embrace, and leisure provider WLCT. Volunteer ‘Moving On ambassadors’ from SKILS CIC, TrueColurs CIC and Just BU CIC will also be involved in helping to run the event.

Representatives from the organisations will be available to talk about what they offer and explain how people can access and benefit from their services. Wig...

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Moving on Event
Added Date: Yesterday
Article from CDN Newsletter
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