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Video Testimonials 2015

Please watch our YouTube Video

Added Date: 24th Nov 2015

Video Testimonials


Embrace have had the pleasure to interview some of our families we have supported over the past year and would like to share their video testimonials with you. The videos range from families of children with disabilities through to adults and getting help with finding the right package to support them in their lives.

A few of these projects are:

Children in Need
Embrace supported Leana and her family through the diagnosis of her two boys who have Autism at a particularly difficult time of her life and Leana tells her story which was also aired for Children in Need Charity.

Education, Health and Care Project and Independent Support
Embrace support many families through the EHC process and Antionette, Sarah and Dawn wanted to share their experience of this through Embrace. An EHC plan is the document which replaces Statements of SEN and Learning Difficulties Assessments for children and young people with spec...

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Video Testimonials 2015
Added Date: 24th Nov 2015
Please watch our YouTube Video
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