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  Working towards a better life for people with disabilities.

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Embrace Wigan and Leigh is a local user-led organisation which works with a whole variety of people at different stages of their lives. We assist people with any disability of any age to ensure they have a voice to be heard, a life to live and a community that values them.


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Smiths Academy - Christmas Sparkle

on: 8th and 9th December 2016

Added Date: Today


Just over a week away ... would really appreciate it if you could spread the word for me, but also if you and your families could come!! Would mean the world to us (me) to have a full audience, for both nights, as well as raise much needed funds for Living With Life!!

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Duke of Edinburgh
Added Date: Yesterday

Lanchpad, Leigh
Added Date: 4th Dec 2016
Was great visiting the Launchpad Centre in Leigh!
Annual Report 2016
Added Date: 2nd Dec 2016
Download the pdf to read what Embrace have achived over the past 12 mo...
New Toy Service that families need to know about this Christmas
Added Date: 2nd Dec 2016
The charity adapts toys so that children with special needs find them ...
Added Date: 29th Nov 2016
A big thanks from DeeDee
Diamond Duke of Edinburgh Challenge
Added Date: 26th Nov 2016
with Rachel, Haydn and Alex
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