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Autistic people are not tragedies. My life has value and joy

Autism awareness groups push fear-mongering messages that deny our lives the value they deserve

Added Date: Today

The existence of autistic people like me is not a “tragedy”. Yet many autism awareness narratives insist it is because they prioritize the feelings of neurotypicals (non-autistic people) and dismisses the rest of us as little more than zombies. And when people buy into this idea, it actively hurts autistic people.

When I was finally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder six years ago, I wouldn’t shut up about it. In part, this was because I, like many autistics, tend to perseverate about the things that intensely fascinate me and, at that moment, there was nothing more fascinating to me than discovering that there was an explanation for all of my sensory sensitivities, social issues, repetitive behaviors and obsessive interests. I also believed in the importance of autism awareness.

But once I started participating in awareness campaigns I found the same overly simplistic and fear-mongering message over and over again: autism is a “crisis”. According to the highly inf...

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Autistic people are not tragedies. My life has value and joy
Added Date: Today
Autism awareness groups push fear-mongering messages that deny our liv...
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